The United States of America is an Ancient Civilization
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The United States of America is an Ancient Civilization.

...going back more than 2000 years, perhaps more, proving democracy is not a Greek concept -- yes, that's right, the US of A is actually an ancient civilization.

The founding fathers, many if not all emerging from common stock and not aristocracy, had amongst them some, including Franklin, who frequently visited the Native Americans, some of whom apparently advised them and taught them the concept of statehood.  At least many of the tribes in the east had worked out a federation that had been in operation for quite some time and these concepts of unity and selection of leadership were among the topics apparently explained to the visiting delegations

Therefore, the United States of America, more properly the United Tribes of America, was merely "Europeanized" in 1776, not conceived. It remains unknown how far back the USA goes, certainly 500 years.

But perhaps it's conception goes as far back as 100 to 500 B.C. making it one of the younger of the ancient civilizations. In this they had something akin to the other ancient civilization, the Australian one, in that the early guys didn't write anything down. Maybe that's what made the Chinese and the Mediterraneans so nifty and thought of as the starting point for the only civilizations.

There had been a number of civilizations originating around the same times as the ancient Egyptians, or the Nile River civilization, and among them were the Tigress-Euphrates civilization, the Yalu River civilization, the Indus River civilization, the Incan civilization, and the Aztec civilization. But of course everyone must realize there had to be a lot more than that going on the planet scene. I mean, there had to be more groups of thugs going around oppressing their neighbors and victimizing the furthest reaches they could possibly get to in order to build humongous imperial style buildings and institute slavery, and so on and so forth.

It's just that, like the upstart Nazi Party of the mid 20th century, the Mediterranean guys, as well as the Chinese and the others had a penchant for records, not that that's bad, and have to cut these guys some slack. You know there's a dark side human nature. And if you try to get big, somewhere along the line somebody and a lot of somebody's are going to slip up and slide down the dark avenue to the sump hole of the use of religion to put the will of the people on the side of some big shot Emperor or something. And for this you have to also give the founding fathers, so-called, of the USA, some credit -- maybe it was their Native American advisers that helped them on this one -- that the Europeanized version of the ancient United States civilization would have to be something without a state religion for just that reason.

Of course, now that's misinterpreted by the polytheists and the atheists who want theirs to be the new state religion, as it were. That's why they forced us to study all that mythology crap in those literature classes in school. That's the polytheists making their pitch to be the state religion, and they're pretty sneaky about that because so far, they really have gotten away with it. But enough said about that.  But, by and large, any state religion is usually a problem because, instead of being what it's supposed to be, it usually ends up as the mechanism that helps a dictator stay in power.

But we have to realize that with those who were more preoccupied with everyday life and didn't have an Emperor or an empire to subsidize the invention of an alphabet -- apparently it's impossible for poor little human nature to come up with something on their own without some kind of state pressure when it comes to reading and writing (I guess it's true when they say, "business before pressure"!) -- that it must be possible that there were quite a few other civilizations, even though they may have emerged a little later after these Big Seven got started, wherein the citizens were so busy with reality that they didn't bother to write anything down.

And so it was with the early United States of America. The tribes thereof of Native Americans and European Americans -- yes , some examples of European remains were exhumed that had been in the Americas a long time ago, which may be the reason why many Native Americans have a distinctive European flair in their facial features, even though the dominance is apparently the beauty of their Mongolian predecessors. But it must've been a match made in heaven because it lit many a Council Fire in the centuries or millennia before either Leif Eriksson or Chris Columbus ever sailed the ocean blue. Which helps prove the saying "every lit bit helps".

Now here's the clincher that could just make it the ancient civilization it really might be: the wisdom of the so-called founding fathers, for example the eccentric Benjamin Franklin, there were a few others I don't remember their names now perhaps you can dig it up in your research. I mean, these guys were smart enough to realize the Native Americans were not a bunch of savages that were subhuman, and they actually made contact with them and found out they really had something to say, especially about politics.  They apparently began to realize that if these united tribes had avoided tyranny for so long, it could certainly work for the colonists as well.  So democracy didn't take on different separate entities, the colonists simply acquired the democracy already existent in America long before it was even so named.

It's too bad they didn't also realize the same thing about the poor African-Americans, which were another extremely brilliant people that had been under the yoke of an extremely oppressive continent full of the very victimizing religionism I was talking about earlier.  But that's another topic for a later time.

Somehow, many Native Americans managed to escape from that. Yet while Africa became somehow locked in the bronze age, the Native Americans seemed to be locked in the stone age.  The reason why they hadn't exhibited the trappings of a great civilization, and this is something that's hard to describe, was because of the awesome beauty of the North American continent. All the way from the people who stayed in camp and sewed and cooked and did all the menial chores to the hunters who ranged as far as their territory permitted, to finally the voyageurs who were able to observe intertribal protocol and travel beyond tribal boundaries -- everybody would go about their everyday business with their mouths wide open gaping at the extreme awesomeness of the beauty that was always in front of them.

I'm sure that your country is also very beautiful and your continent is lovely. I've traveled around the planet earth twice, among other things, and everywhere I go I see a beautiful planet. But it's understandable if you don't realize that the North American continent was a showpiece, like the winner of a beauty pageant. I think that's probably why these guys didn't write anything down.

By then also all the empire mongers had headed further south, where the warmer weather was more conducive to building empires. Like the Aztecs, who had to make sure they killed the couple of hundred guys a day, because of their belief system; that they thought the sun wouldn't rise unless they did.

So the American civilization of the United States is really an ancient one, so to speak. The noteworthy part is its Europeanization. That's the 200-year-old part that has really ruined the beauty of the North American continent. Not that I'm deriding these guys, it's almost impossible to realize that human nature will pull this stuff off if given the chance. One of the things that helped preserve the ancient North American beauty of the continent was that it's human occupants were fitted with a strict set of structural restraints: they were hunter-gatherer and many, strictly nomadic -- and that was that.

But the time was fast approaching, and some of their own wisest people also foresaw this, that the hunters would have to find out different ways to feed themselves, since the natural population was growing beyond the capacity of the older life style.  They were having to resort to force to prevent encroachment on hunting grounds by each other's tribes.  Not that the colonists were superior.  They themselves had much to learn and we still do.  Never think you have arrived as a civilization.  The time is approaching when we also need to find different ways beside agriculture to feed ourselves.

You have to realize, fellas, that all these machines and literature -- the ability to read and write along with all the education it entails including the mathematics and science and everything else -- it all has a downside. If we knew these things, we might be able to overcome our negative aspects. It's like the classic "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". That's such good advice. In each of us there's the noble Dr. Jekyll with his scientific principles, and yet at certain points he cannot stop old Mr. Hyde from slipping out and taking over the whole scene and ruining it all. So now we see a whole new slant to ethics and morality. No offense to Mickey Mouse, but it's a great cliché: What I'm talking about here is not the Mickey Mouse morality people use to hide the perfidy they commit. Now that's a Mr. Hyde if I ever saw one! Only the real name of the alter ego is "Hide", and there are billions of them all over the landscape of history.

Therefore, it is possible for people to suppose that the United States is a new country. If only the ancient Americans and Australians had digital cameras back there in 200 B.C. that alone would have evaporated all the anti-Western sentiment the victims of the disastrous Tigers Euphrates civilization now harbor. So, you see, reading and writing does not a civilization make. No, not by a long shot. What makes a civilization is something like being able to institute a workable democracy that withstands the test of time, like those were doing for perhaps thousands of years, who finally ended up advising the founding fathers, like good old Benjamin Franklin and all the others, on how it was done.


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The United Tribes of America, was merely "Europeanized" in 1776.
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...proving democracy is not a Greek concept

March 28, 2005